Zara Carpenter

/ Monday /

I like headpieces. I like headpieces ALOT. That is why Zara Carpenters store makes me very excited. I sincerely which headwear were part of mainstream fashion again. Would you be on board?

Emily Ryan

/ Friday /

You know you're getting older when clothing starts appealing to you because it looks "comfortable". When I came past this work Emily Ryan, my first thought wasn't immediately of "I LOVE IT", but more that I found it interesting. Interesting enough that I couldn't look away until I realised I did love it. I love the detail and the approach to textures and shape, and would definitely rock these out (after a bit of hyping myself up). And course, they look so comfortable.

Is comfortable on the top of your list yet?

Hello Ha Long Bay

/ Wednesday /
Asian mermaid

On board the Bhaya

Laura and I

Fishing village where people live 

This is the first adorable first I've seen. He looks like a cartoon come to life!

We are also sitting in one of these boats. Screw kayaking.

The morning storm

The Surprise Cave. They should have called it the "Surprise 200 steps leading to the cave"

More cave
Here are a few more photos from my trip to Halong Bay. Have you been?

My first trip was a few years ago on a backpacker type cruise which wasn't crazy as you think. I think I lucked out because another friend went on it recently and was stuck with a group who chanted (really bad ones too) and drank for most hours of the day. He told us they also had a system  while in the water- if you slowly put up your hand but kept talking, it meant you were peeing and everyone had to move away. I'm VERY glad I wasn't on that boat.

In other news, it seems Vietnam has now blocked .blogspot domain, along with Facebook. SIGH.

Gotye: State Of The Art

/ Friday /
There is a high chance this blog could turn into a Wally de Backer lovefest and you know what? I'm okay with that.

It he seems like he's on a roll releasing 2 animation videos in the last couple of weeks.

This one is super sweet and I just want to hug one of those big furry creatures don't you?

You can also stream the full Gotye album here.

Justin and Jeremy

/ Thursday /
If you're not dying from cuteness overload you may be dead inside.

Equally if not more is them doing Hey Ya (there's singing and hip wiggling!).

Gee, put anything into a videogame and kids can do ANYTHING.

Hello Kitty Fisheye II: Halong Bay

/ Monday /

Things have been a little quiet here lately as I've galavanting around, first visiting family and friends in Malaysia (think too much shopping and eating), then playing host to Laura and visiting Halong Bay and Sapa.

These are my fisheye photos from Halong Bay (the top one is on the way to Malaysia though) and they're a big improvement from my last batch. Biggest lesson learned: light, light, light!

Highlights of our Halong Bay trip included: seeing a very cute fish that looked like a cartoon come alive, over eating, having rose petals thrown onto us from above out of a basket, seeing it rain on the water (such a different view), going into a giant cave, and lying in our room playing games on our phone.

In other news, I just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey and it is HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud many many times. I shoved it in the face of my boyfriend and said "READ THIS" equally as many times. I am a massive tightass and I do not regret spending money on this book. (Tina if you're reading this you can use that quote).

Foals: Blue Blood

/ Wednesday /
This song has made a comeback on my rotation. And when I say rotation I pretty much mean on repeat. I do have a bit of an obsession with video clips and this is up there as one of my favourites. I've considered re-enacting these dance moves at home alone on many occasions. Maybe there's something about English schoolboys doing dance routines?

What's your favourite at the moment?

The Last Days of Sydney

/ Monday /

Taking down the bits and pieces in my room

Sparkmylane exhibition

Pasta tastes better when it's heart shaped

Turning earrings who have lost their partner into a ring (I later found the "other" one)

Supercute house

Awesomeness at my grandmas

If this was Vietnam they would have covered in this in blue, red and white plastic

Cogel. All wanted to do was cut Nicks hair

Callum doing the Superman thing

This won't look like this soon

The gentrification of Alice Street

Summer days

A few photos from my last few weeks in Sydney before moving to Hanoi. Gosh it's the place to be in summer. I miss the air (but not the cold rainy air you have now).
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