Secret Squirrel SS 2011

/ Wednesday /
Yep it's that time again folks. Secret Squirrel has released it's new spring/summer collection, otherwise known as "clothes I want but can't afford because I don't have a job". Like. See more here.

Good Sound Advice

/ Tuesday /

Everyone who knows me knows I do love a good techno gig or two. Like many others in Sydney who love music, the streetpress newspaper/mag 3D World (RIP) was something you'd look through obsessively every week to see what was coming up (especially since often there are so many things you have to plan what to spend your money on).

One of the standout promoters for me who consistently caught my eye are HAHA Industries, not only because their parties are awesome but because everytime I saw an ad and said to myself "great poster" it happened to be for them. The nerd inside of me also notes how great it is that for each party there's a defined look and feel/concept that is consistent for each gig. Consistancy is highly underrated my friends.

The designer behind it all is Dave Fernandes who annoyingly is not only a pretty switched on designer but someone who can play a damn fine tune or two. For more check out Good Sound Advice.

Making A Lantern....Kinda Of

/ Friday /
Remember all those pretty lanterns from Hoi An? Well one of the things I found you could do while there was actually make your own. HELL YEAH! I was going to totally up the crafting skills and change the world. Not quite. Instead of making the whole thing from scratch we stuck pieces of fabric onto a pre-made base. Oh. That doesn't make me as awesome as I was hoping.

I found out too that just one company in Hoi An actually makes the bases then sells them to everyone else. Crazy considering everywhere else in Vietnam has dozens of copycats.

Anyhoo, I did 'make' a lantern and this is how. It was fun. I also bought a few big ones too, but don't actually have anywhere to hang them- eek.

Rimer London featuring Cata.Pirata - Love Dagger

/ Wednesday /
This track is the first song on the Remix Artist Collective Modcast that's still on high rotation in my house. My boyfriend loves this track cause of the synths and handclap (the disco experience is all about the clap), and I love it cause I thought they mixed Crystal Castles Crimewave in with another track. Oops (I still love it though).

Escape To Hoi An

/ Monday /
The first of the pretty lights

Vietnam makes you love colour and realise how dull Sydney is

Birds are everywhere

Hoi An is known for old buildings


It thunderstormed every afternoon. This one didn't hit us but it was amazing to watch.

White Rose dumplings

Colour + detail

This is hilarious (or is it just me?)

Great colour palette

Token lantern shot

Lake lanterns

These are a random bunch of photos from our recent trip to Hoi An. If you've heard anything about it you'll know it's known for tailors and lanterns....and that's pretty much all it was. Pretty though.

Longer rant and more photos here.

Splitscreen: A Love Story

/ Wednesday /
A really subtle, sweet short by JW Griffiths that does alot in a small amount of time. I don't know about you but I held my breath in anticipation even though I knew what was going to happen!

Probably worth mentioning that this was all shot on a Nokia N8 too (it was the winner of their Nokia Shorts comp). Pretty cool considering that when I was in high school and camera phones first came out I thought they were amazing and that we were living in the future.

Deng Yun: A & A

/ Monday /
Chinese photographer Deng Yun shot these beautiful photos of his two friends as a wedding gift.

Wouldn't you love a friend like that?

Hello Kitty Fisheye I

/ Friday /
My cousin Andy

Tropical flowers in Hoi An

My Sparkmylane artwork

More gorgeous flowers on Hoi An (and my toes!)

My sister Jessica and super awesome nephew Callum

Old building in Hoi An

I love the colours in this. Me and girlie girls Sai and Jo

Me and the cheeky Miss Milla

One of the best presents I've ever received was the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Fisheye Lomo camera that Laura surprised me with just before I left Sydney. I love it!

It's taken me about 2 months to finish the film but it's better late then never. I know using lomos in general takes a bit of getting used to but for some reason I thought this would be more straight-forward. Out of 24 shots I got back 12 with the rest mostly being really overexposed. Trouble is, I can't remember any of the shots to think about the light conditions I shot them in. Fail.

I'm glad the ones that did come out were fun ones mostly of people. You still can't deny the allure of this one chance capture moments that come with film.

Anyone have any lomo tips for next time?


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