Paper Record Player Invite

/ Friday /
This wedding invitation by Kellie Anderson and friends is a just a little bit amazing. It's a paper record player! For more check out her blog here.

Glebe Tram Sheds

/ Thursday /

One of the things I love about Sydney is that there are still so many things that can surprise you. The Glebe Trams Sheds are something Laura sent me as somewhere we should definitely hit up but in the end I beat her to it (the joys of being unemployed) and went along with photographer Cathy Topping.

Cathy is the photographer behind the project We Live Here Sydney who shoots portraits of people who live in the lovely town. I volunteered to be part of the project as it sounded fun and to perhaps also get over the awkwardness of getting my photo taken (so why not dive right in!).

We ended up having to go in the back way through lots of mud and a window so good shoes are a must.Massive props to the person/people who created a pathway to get through the mud AND somehow brought in 2 wheelie bins so you could climb through the window.

We only had a limited amount of time but I couldn't resist taking a few photos for myself. I would love to go back there. If you would like to head there Free Photo Guides Australia has awesomely detailed instructions including a map. My tip- bring a picnic or some type of food. The place is massive and it's beautiful to be in a place so still- you won't want to leave!

P.s. I'm terribly behind on updates since our Sparkmylane exhibition and moving to Hanoi. I've also visited the amazing Dunlop Factory. Photos soon!

Louise Despont

/ Tuesday /
These beautiful illustrations are by artist Louise Despont- aren't they gorgeous? It almost seems time for a art deco revival. They also remind me of these Lola & Bailey necklaces that I love.

Are you a fan of art deco?

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/ Saturday /
In case you haven't seen this video by Cedric Vella already I'd thought I'd post it cause it's pretty cute.

Even better is the music don't you think?
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