Nathan & Tabitha Get Married

/ Tuesday /

Remember my friends Nathan & Tabitha who had the amazing engagement? Well, not surprisingly they also had an amazing wedding.

I could mention the fact that they had it at The Vanguard (a live music venue), got a communist-type logo make of their faces (they've been living in Hanoi so it's kinda appropriate) or got their friend to dress up like a priest and marry them with song lyrics - but for me it really doesn't get any better then simply walking to the wedding venue through Newtown and meeting people and taking photos along the way.

Having people think her and her bridesmaid Beth were having a lesbian wedding was just a bonus.

Love the fun fun outfits and all the other amazing details. Check them all out over at her hilarious blog The City That Never Sleeps In. I still can't get over her gorgeous DIY flowers!

Headpieces by Arturo Rios

/ Friday /

My headpiece obsession continues with these gorgeous creations by designer Arturo Rios. I want the giant bows!

Check out more of his collection here, or you can buy them directly from Etsy.

Chromatics: Lady

/ Tuesday /

I haven't hyperventilated over a new single for a long time but OH MY GOD CHROMATICS HAS A NEW SINGLE!

Them, along with label mates Glass Candy have amazing sound and style that I could only describe as the perfect soundtrack to if you had a dream about having a crazy night out, meeting the love of your life and driving around at 4am in the morning. Oh, it would also all be in soft focus.

Now excuse me while I go plan a crazy night out and organise a car for 4am in the morning...

Sydney Dance Company has a Tumblr!

/ /

One of my favourite things to do in Sydney is heading along to see a performance by Sydney Dance Company.

Everything about it is captivating and beautiful and if you've ever seen or heard Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela speak then you can't help but get caught up in his passion (he is also incredibly funny).

Despite jumping onboard wholeheartedly with social media lately (I even attended a preview for bloggers last year) but it's still pretty amazing that they have started a tumblr! So far it's filled with gorgeous behind the scenes photos and compliments all their other communications perfectly in my books. Here's hoping for lots of updates and more beautiful images like these.

If you're interested be sure to check out their teaser for their upcoming show 2 One Another which explores human relationships and interactions. If the show is half as revealing and honest as the trailer it's sure to be amazing. Check it out here.

Made In Japan : What It Is

/ Saturday /

I first saw Sydney indie group Made In Japan a couple of years ago when they played as hip hop duo Horrorshow's band at the Oxford Art Factory. I thought to myself "hey there's an Asian guy in that band!".

Since then they've released a awesome couple of tracks (though I don't think officially) and been the soundtrack to my leaving Australia-to-live-in-Vietnam-the-first-time-leaving-do.

Their latest clip for their single "What It Is" features everything that makes Sydney amazing- the harbour, the weather, GoodGod, the inner west. Watermelons even.

Head over to JJJ to download some of their tracks or even better they're playing where it all began on the 25th February to launch their new album Sights & Sounds. Buy tickets here. I'll be there with dancing shoes on!

Love Ever After by Lauren Fleishman

/ Monday /

If you're someone like me who breaks into a smile whenever you see old people holding hands or giving each other a peck, then you'll love this project called Love Ever After by New York photographer Lauren Fleishman. 

The series captures couples who have been together for over 50 years and was inspired by a love letter she had found from her grandfather to her grandmother. My favourite part about it (besides the photos of course) are the quotes from the couples.

"You really don't think about getting older. First of all, you're aging together and when you see a person constantly you don't notice big changes. Like you don't notice, oh you're getting a little wrinkle here and tomorrow you say oh it's a little deeper. No those are things that just happen. You dont pay attention to those things. You dont realize it.. really . You dont realize that you're.. I mean I'm not thinking everyday, oh my husbands 83 years old he's gonna be 84. Oh my goodness, I'm married to an old man. And I hope he feels that way too."  Angie Terranova, Staten Island, New York.

You can see more from this gorgeous project at her site here or contribute to the project over at Kickstarter.

Hope you have a lovely money-making-commercial-holiday-but-not-really-a-holiday tomorrow. It really is a silly day but I won't be able to resist dressing up in pink/red anyway!

Tatty Devine: Spring/Summer 2012

/ Wednesday /

There’s been a lot of talk of Tatty Devine in the office lately. I’ve seen their stuff in random stores but never realised they did SO MUCH.

Lobsters! Crystals! Bunting! Lollipops! Everything the 16 year old girl inside of me and 27 year old girl outside of me loves.

Their new collection has gone all Mexican with accessories that burst of colour, florals, food and of course Frieda. Loving the images they've shot too.

My favourites are the Mexican Embroidery Large Necklace, Posie Garland Necklace and Parakeet Large Necklace.I can't decide which of course.

Check out the whole corn filled, colour fiesta collection here.

via Evie

I Love Saturdays

/ Tuesday /

I Love Saturdays is a blog by Joanne Thies that I've been following for a little while. It's hard not to love her photography adventures and illustrations- especially when they're combined!

Her latest images make me long for (a real) summer, beach hair and melt-too-fast ice-cream cones.

Check out the full collection here.

Riusuke Fukahori: Goldfish Salvation

/ Sunday /
Beautiful video showing the art making process of artist Riusuke Fukahori for his show Goldfish Salvation.

This video has inspired me to take up a resin making course this month. I can't wait! 2012 is all about new skills baby.

If you have a short attention span jump to the 45 second mark to start the magic.

via Feed Me More

Prada SS 2012 Campaign

/ Thursday /

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. I'm not a fan of falling to the feet of high fashion labels but the Prada Spring/Summer 2012 campaign video makes me think otherwise (for a second).

The colour! The hair! The accessories! THAT green bodysuit.

Aurelie Perthuis

/ Wednesday /

Lily is French artist based in Sydney whom I met through my creative side project Sparkapolooza.

She recently relaunched her portfolio and I was excited to see her artwork Pauly the Polar Bear who made an appearance at our Sparkmylane art exhibition last year. If you were there you'd know there was alot of envy when Mags from The Craft Army scored it!

See more of her pop-tastic work here.


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