Introducing Miss Dolly Tofu*

/ Monday /

If you follow me on instagram (if not look for jodeska) then you've probably already seen these shots. These are a few images from a 1950's pin-up shoot that I styled and helped concept last week which was loads of fun and extremely exhausting. Can't wait to see the final shots- some of which I may have also made an appearance in!

On a side note, this lovely miss is still looking for a stage name. The brief is something cute, food related and use the initials DT. Any suggestions?

Print Clash by Westfields

/ Tuesday /

When you work in advertising it immediately makes you cynical of most campaigns. It also means you notice and not notice a hell of a lot of ads. Does that make any sense? Probably not.

My point is- hey look at this awesome Westfields video! Despite there being a total of 2 out of all three comments saying how annoying this is I really like it. Cute music and pretty visuals. I bet it's already stuck in your head. *clap clap* for a pre-roll on YouTube not being totally annoying. Too bad their YouTube page is confusing and trying to do to much- do you agree?

Ended advertising nerd rant here.

March Challenge: Do Something Different Pt 2

/ Monday /


Hey kids do you notice something different? Yep- those there are INSTAGRAM photos. Now I have an iPhone I'm all over it. Speaking of being all over it, here's the next update for the March Challenge!

  • Day 8: Went to the Belvoir Theatre for the first time & saw Babyteeth (amazing play, see it if you can)
  • Day 9: Ventured out of the city bubble to Rozelle for Art Month Sydney 
  • Day 10: Had lunch at The Australian on a weekend (I've only been there on weekdays) so Laura could try crocodile and kangaroo.
  • Day 11: Wore a new dress and headpiece
  • Day 12: Let myself love 21 Jump Street
  • Day 13: Instead of playing it safe ordered the tender steak, cheddar cheese & smokey bacon pie at The Pie Tin. And it was scarily delicious.
  • Day 14: Wore the panda socks my friend Jo gave me

Hope everyone going well. If you want a stickybeak at what others have been up to check out Laura's post over here.

Chairlift : Amanaemonesia

/ Saturday /

Karaoke, dancing and lyrca. This video (and song) by Chairlift was always destined for awesomeness.

March Challenge: Do Something Different Pt 1

/ Thursday /
There are a few March challenges going around. I wonder why that is- perhaps everyone has finally settled into the new year but still have some new year cheer left?

The one I'm doing at the moment is simple: do something different every day.

What I love about it is that it's an open challenge- this means it can be anything from trying a new dish to listening to new music to a new hair do.

So far I have:
  • Day 1: Used Photoshop for the first time (I'd been avoiding it til now!)
  • Day 2: Saw American Pie the Reunion- I would never usually attend such cheese
  • Day 3: Bought an iPhone
  • Day 4: Looked up and listened to a new artist- lovely stuff- Michael Kiwanuka
  • Day 5: Chose the vegetarian lasagne
  • Day 6: Went to a new restaurant- Sake- yum yum yum. Highly recommended!
  • Day 7: Tried the newly renovated Forresters for the first time. I'm bummed they've gotten rid of the $5 steak but the new menu makes you forget it even existed.
You can check other other bloggers who are doing the challenge by checking out the #differentmarch tag on social media or through our Half/Half page. It's not too late!

Image by See Hear Say

Mikko Kuorinki: Wall Piece With 200 Letters

/ Friday /

Love this changing artwork where each week artist Mikko Kuorinki formed new words from the silly, to sweet to serious. We come into contact with probably thousands of words each day but it's interesting to see such a simple project like this make you actually stop think about them even for second.

I really like this because despite some of the words being deep universal thoughts, it feels like they wouldn't have any other place to exist. See more of the collection here.

via Curious Constellation


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