Here I Come!

/ Saturday /
My quote for the This Is Home project. See you on the otherside!


A Spot of Baking Anyone?

/ Friday /
All of the cakes by Megpi look like so much fun- I know I'm in a baking mood now...(or at least a cake one!).

I Miss Newtown!

/ Tuesday /
I'm missing home very much at the moment! These are my very own parts of Newtown- the view from my old room and this graf which mysteriously appeared, uh, one late night. I'm also craving the breakfast bruchetta from the most awesome cafe in the world, Martinis. Two weeks to go!

My Trip To Da Lat

/ Tuesday /
Isn't this gorgeous? It's a silk necklace. I really wanted to buy one but then figured they would also sell then at the night market- but they didn't! (very sad).

Great staff uniform at a cafe.

Aren't these gorgeous? I've never thought I'd see colours like this together!

This is at a place when a table moves in the direction you tell it to. All by itself. Really, I'm very cynical and I have a video to prove it.

I'm not quite sure what this is saying.

There are bottle brushes everywhere in Da Lat!

Barbie Shanghai Concept Store

/ /
What kind of girl would I be without being really really terribly excited by this? All the more reason I need to visit China!

On a creepy note though, I'm not quite sure about how I feel about this.

Images via Arch Daily

1000 Awesome Things by Monsieur Cabinet

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Monsieur Cabinet. Thanks! design makes me blush



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