Kate Bush: 50 Words For Snow

/ Sunday /

Excuse me I'm sorry to bother you,
But don't I know you?

There's just something about you.
Haven't we met before?

When we got on top of the hill,
We saw Rome burning.
I just let you walk away.
I've never forgiven myself.

I saw you on the steps in Paris.
You were with someone else.
Couldn't you see that should have been me.
I just walked on by.

Then we met in '42,
But we were on different sides.
I hid you under my bed,
But they took you away.

Come with me, I'll find some rope
I'll tie us together.
I've been waiting for you so long…
I don't want to lose you again…

 Snowed in at Wheeler street.
Just two old friends.
Keeping the fire going.
We looked so good together.

Can't we just stay there forever?
We were so happy!
I'd live that day over and over.
But the world won't stop turning.

How do you find music you love? The way it usually works for me is that I'll play an album a couple of times, and my ears will somehow pick up on some random detail. That's the test. When I'm not fully focused, will something jump out at me?

Kate Bush has a new album called 50 Words For Snow (you can stream it here).  I LOVE Kate Bush. She is probably the only one left on my list of "people I want to see before I die". Considering she has toured only once in her career it's probably not about to happen anytime soon.

I'm all about lyrics when it comes to music (I'm often taken back when most people say they don't notice them!). I love Kate Bush because she is an amazing songwriter- everything she writes springs visuals and emotions with such simplicity. I feel like there's layers and layers of meaning, yet with one simple story. Kinda of like fairytales you love as a child but who's full meaning you find out later.

My favourite song of all time is "Running Up The Hill" where she manages to so poetically capture the essence of of a break-up. It's not about being heart-broken as most songs are, but rather it gets to the heart of wanting someone else to feel how you feel. Isn't that the essence in a break-up?

On her latest album the song "Snowed In At Wheeler Street" is the one that grabbed me, and an excerpt of it's lyrics are above. I must be mushy at heart because it's about a couple who love each other through time. That sounds incredibly corny and done before, but add her textured voice, and Elton John, and you feel like you were there with them watching the scenes before your eyes.

Let me know what you think. Perhaps Kate Bush isn't for everyone.

On another note, Ben Folds is another lyricist I love (for the same reasons) and this is equally my favourite song of all time, again, for the lyrics.

The Chinese Wedding

/ Saturday /
Ancestor offerings

Double happiness fruit

I don't know what any of this is

Hair combing ceremony

Burning ancestor offering

New Asian tradition of taking a gazillon photos

Tea ceremony

Firecrackers (which caused me to have an asthma attack, hilarious in hindsight)


Then everyone gets drunk and parties on

My last trip to Malaysia was specifically to go my cousin Vicky's wedding that I had invited myself to. Being Asian, this of course was perfectly okay. It was just a matter of time before an aunt told me it was the right thing to do anyway.

I'm glad I went- my dad's side I found was still very traditional, and this meant lots of "what's happening now?" and "what does this mean?" type of questions. It's quite funny seeing all the adults try and remember the proper order of traditions and what should be done next in the ceremonies- god knows what will happen when it's up to my generation!

The highlights:
:: I love the part where the bride sits in the room and her bridesmaids put the groom through all these challenges (like eating wasabi, doing push-ups, and paying them bribes) to prove he's worthy to go and take her from her home

:: Being introduced to family members I have no recollection of, and couldn't speak Chinese to. There was alot of awkward smiling

:: Being told I look like my mother by almost every single person. After seeing this you'll know I'm okay with that

:: Seeing Vickys wedding outfit- WOW. Check out that beading!

Is it just me or is it wedding season? They're everywhere! (or it might just be because I'm in Vietnam...)


/ Wednesday /

Say hello to Melaka. Isn't it pretty? Melaka is south of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and is known for it's historical roots. It used to be a trading port and a result had the influence of lots of different nationalities that came through. In particular it's known for Baba Nonya, the culture resulting from the inter-racial marriages of the Chinese and local Malay.

Part of the town has been preserved and many of the old architecture and signage remains. It was wonderful wandering through the old shops but my favourite part was a lane with people selling secondhand bits and pieces. I completely regret not buying the 1960's Chinese womens magaines! I stood there for a good 5 minutes thinking about it but then thought did I really need them. The answer should have been yes! I did however score a new year cards from the same era with famous stars of the time on them. They're now framed and brightening up my living room.

The Devotion Project

/ Monday /

The The Devotion Project is project aimed at inspiring the GLBT community about love and relationships through short films.

The first is about Bill & John who have been together for 54 years and if not already, after watching it you, like me and a hell of alot of people in this world will be baffled by the inequality gay people face these day. I really wish the Australian government would just allow for gay marriage and get on with it. Sigh.

Anyhoo, back to the film. It's beautiful and so incredibly sweet. It's Johnny and my three year anniversary tomorrow- hardly seems like anything in comparison!

Balloon Ladies

/ Tuesday /

Despite there being alot of challenges living in Vietnam there are a few things I love (and never get sick of seeing).

These balloon sellers with their giant bunch of blow-up, colourful distractions for kids appear everyday and always make me smile.

Hello Kitty Fisheye IV: Sapa

/ Monday /

I have a very short term memory. While this comes with many downsides, one of the upsides is getting back a roll of film and having no idea what's on it. Surprise!

This is a bunch of photos from my and Lauras last day in Sapa. When I look at them I instantly go back to the feeling of being rained on, and completely wet from the rain. Ew.

Homemade Banner

/ Friday /

Over the last three weeks I've been gallivanting around Malaysia and Singapore. Or perhaps I should say EATING my way around. I don't think I've ever eaten more food in such a short amount of time in my life.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and it continues as I have a truck full of visitors over the next couple of weeks.

These are some photos I've been meaning to put up for a while of a banner/bunting/wall hanging thing I did a couple of months ago. It's very haphazard (that's a PLASTIC STRAW in case you're wondering) and all hand sewn (not by choice though).

It is currently living in my guest bedroom.

Any validation of my AWESOMENESS is welcome.
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