Hello Kitty Lomo Fisheye VII: Sydney

/ Tuesday /

These are some photos from my last lomo batch I had developed. I've been meaning to use it more but I've barely touched it- it's that damn iPhone's fault! When Laura first got hers I scolded her because she didn't use her lomo or dslr anymore...and now I'm doing the same. DOH.

Hello Kitty Lomo Fisheye VI: Sydney

/ Friday /

A few more shots from my time in Sydney. It's strange to think that it's sweltering here at the moment it's freezing cold in back there. Not quite sure which I'd prefer at the moment...

Hello Kitty Lomo Fisheye V: Sydney

/ Wednesday /

A couple of months ago I sent back a few rolls of film with Johnny to get developed in Hanoi- it's so much cheaper to have them processed here. Being male, he never actually developed them so I dropped them off and only got them a few days ago. Oh Sydney how I miss you already!
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