Skinny Leg Jeans for Toddlers

/ Saturday /

If there was an award for the image(s) that have wooed me most this week it's these. I'm sorry, but this calls for a OMFG! How cute are they? I don't care if it's a little bit wrong to put your toddler in skinny jeans- when they look this adorable it's nothing but right.

I'll take 10 for my non-existent army of hipster toddlers thanks.

Via All The Glory

Moonlighting Magazine by Asylum

/ Thursday /
If I ever move to Singapore I'm pretty sure I'd want to work for The Asylum.

This is a great mini-mag inspired by everyday people who have their "real jobs" that they love, not just their everyday ones.

What would you're real job be?

Oscar & Millas Birthday Party

/ Saturday /
The lovely Miss Milla (The first of 5 of the days outfits!)

Kids birthdays are all about cake. And sugar, lots of sugar.

Miss Isabelle

Present city.

Oscar's best photo pose

Toys & more toys

I'm going to alot more kids birthday parties these days (well 2, but keep in mind the base was 0!), thanks to Johnny's ever going number of nieces and nephews- there's even one due today! That means the total figure will be EIGHT under the age of 5- I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

P.s. I cut out and iced those amazing cakes....but after I saw the amount of sugar and butter that when into it- I couldn't bear to eat any of it!

Adventures In The Land of Brisvegas

/ Monday /
Ron Mueck exhibition

Oh gosh this grass outside the Brisbane art gallery was so cute it felt like elves were going pop up any second

The view from our bed in the apartment. Less creepy than you may think.

I'd like to say going to the Ron Mueck exhibition was the highlight of the day, but really, playing Super Mario Kart in a bar was about 100 time more awesome

Crashing out in the gallery

My boyfriend Johnny and I recently went up to Brisbane which was exciting because I had zero expectations and I got to feel a little less guilty about not seeing as much as I should of my own country (I'm still yet to go to 4 of the 8 capitals!).

Things I loved about Brisbane:
  • Great weather- while everyone was freezing in Sydney I was wearing a summer dress
  • Staying in a serviced apartment. When did we suddenly turn into adults? I don't know but I like it.
  • Getting completely spoilt- I was shell shocked when he gave me a super lush Wheels & Dolls Baby coat for my birthday!
  • The Ron Mueck exhibition- amazing to see in real life as they do in pictures. Loved the reactions of the crowds to the sculptures too.
  • Mana Bar - video games at a bar, I couldn't think of anything better (maybe winning at Super Mario Kart)
  • The Bowery - Bar of the Year in 2008. Amazing cocktails- make sure you get the expresso martini ("to wake you up and fcuk you up"). It's an old school prohibition type venue to a tee, even with the very well dressed bartenders.
  • Ortiga - again, another birthday surprise. The food is the die for, I couldn't recommend it more. Make sure you get the garlic prawns.
  • Flamingo Cafe- the cutest, quirkest cafe with the most adorable (and one very loud) staff. The best baklava muffins I've had in my life ever. Sure they've been the only baklava muffins I've ever had, but you need hot scoot your way there to find out.
So, Brisbane has been ticked off my list. Only 4 more capitals to go. There's pandas in Adelaide. Should that be the next stop?

Have You Met Miss Jones

/ Sunday /
I found a lamp! I was holding out the the Young Designer Markets coming up in a few weeks but that totally left my mind when I was down the coast this weekend for the kids birthday party.

The lamp is by Have You Met Miss Jones who have lots of other wonderfully gorgeous things. Check out the gallery too- the styling is beautiful.

Photos from the weekend hopefully up soon too.


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