Flight Facilities : Crave You

/ Sunday /
This is my new favourite song since my last favourite song. Just warning, the above is a track only, no film clip as yet!

Flight Facilities (they're coming to Australia in July).

Give It A Ponder

/ Friday /
Usually, most of my random, interesting finds come from friends, well friends and too many hours online. This find came from a global head of marketing, who would have thought?

I love this campaign for some many different reasons. Firstly, it's perfectly targeted for the audience of teens, the message is clear and easily digested, and the execution of it all is PERFECT. How great is the acting in this? The script nails it too. There's a couple more so check them out. The website is great too. Go the beard! Lastly, who doesn't love the word... ponder.

Give It A Ponder
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