Metronomy: She Wants

/ Sunday /
If there was a music genre that typified sentimental, sweet, yet heart-breaking, sometimes haunting music I'd totally be all over that shit. And this track would fall into it too.

Gush, Metronomy, what to say? There was a time I was really really into them, and this track outdoes all of that (see above point). I saw them a couple of years back at Becks Bar for Sydney Festival and they were fantastic.

I love music videos so much and directors Jul & Mat remind me why. So simple, and yet the whole way it's building up the anticipation with so many suprises in between. I love how they haven't overdone a particular treatment (doing so would just be cheesy), and I'm dying to know where the QR Code goes. If someone with an enabled phone can tell me that would be great! What a wonderful ending too, it certainly makes you think about everything you just saw all over again.


Secret Squirrel Winter 2011: I'm Not Like Them

/ Saturday /
My picks from the Winter 2011 Collection from Secret Squirrel (who I've mentioned lots before!).

I'm not very much of a winter person but after this heatwave in Sydney I was actually very much looking forward to it- but I'm missing it this year. By the time I move to Hanoi in April they'll be in summer again!

Small Gift Los Angeles Art Show

/ Tuesday /
There are some things you love in your youth that you know you'll love forever. Hello Kitty and Sanrio are some of those things. I hope my future daughters are prepared to love them too.

I came across this post by DollyBeast a little while ago about The Small Gift Los Angeles Art Show and loved every single inch of it. They invited 50 artists including Buff Monster and Audrey Kawasaki to recreate the Sanrio characters, and the results are awesome. I can't pick a favourite, but I would very much like the $14,500 Buff Monster "All My Favourite Flavours" piece.

Check out Japan L.A. for more and to buy what's left of the pieces.

Images via DollyBeast

Kozyndan Pillows

/ /

I really really want a beautiful grown up house (where I know I'm going to love longer then a year!) so I can buy these pillows.


Get them at Click For Art.

Jazz City Diner

/ Sunday /

I never ever thought that I would say this but, I'm craving fried chicken and waffles. This can't be good!

Jazz City Diner is one of the newer Sydney restaurant kids in town, just located on Crown Street down the hill from American Apparel. I don't want to jump the gun, but I'm pretty sure it's here to stay.

Everything about this "American Diner" won Laura and I over- I felt like a little kid I was so excited! It started with the waitress wearing a bubblegum pink retro uniform- isn't she wonderful? The best part is that she was so friendly and completely down the earth. Oh, and the American accent seemed oh so appropriate too.

We chose the chicken and waffles, two of the mini burgers (because we wanted to try as much as we could), a salad, and the strawberry pie- and every single one was to die for.

The fried chicken and waffles were amazing- suddenly the whole savory/sweet/maple sauce concept made sense to me. The mini burgers came out on a layered cake stand with sweet potato fries- swoon. In all honesty, they looked pretty average, but once you bit into them- well, they could looked like anything because I could have eaten about ten more! The salad- which you think would be pretty standard actually made us gasp from the loveliness of the flowers. GASP! And lastly, the strawberry pie....well, I'm going to let the photo speak for itself.

Go now. Eat pie. Screw the diet. Win.

Jazz City Diner
238 Crown St.
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9332-2903

Lunch Tue-Sat 12pm to 2pm
Dinner Tue-Sat 6pm to 10pm
Closed Sun & Mon

Nagger & Captain on Sands Street

/ Friday /

Sydney CBD is generally a barren wasteland for art and colour, so I was very surprised by this =). Anyone have any idea who did it or how long it's been there for?

09.03.11: I have since found out this is by JUMBO as a commission by The City Of Sydney's Streetware Project. A great initiative!

41 hours in Melbourne

/ Wednesday /
At the Art Gallery- not quite fitting...

Super angles

I really wanted to put out heads in here and have our photo taken but my boyfriend went walkabout. Seems a bit lame to do it yourself.

Ahhh...the famous Melbourne lanes. Sydney DOES seem a bit bland in comparison.

Johnny can be so silly sometimes. Instead of taking the amazingly decorated archway he just took this of me.

3 cups and no girls in sight.

How great are these colours? It was as it someone had perfect placed these milk crates to look like they were trying to run away.

Who am I kidding? I basically wanted to go down to Melbourne to eat at Flowerdrum again. And it was worth it. Especially when they accidentally gave us two desserts. So much for portion control.

I didn't realise the sun set over the water at St Kilda. Too bad it almost blinded Johnny. We had dinner at Ichi Ni which is super cute and has a great view.

Berlin Bar is one of my highlights. Set in Chinatown, you head up the stairs and knock and wait for a hostess to come greet you. I knew I'd love this place when waiting up the top of the stairs there was a sign saying that if you have more then 8 in your group you may not be catered for. Perfect- bars want to be 'intimate' but not enough go to lengths to create that.

The bar is divided into East Berlin and West Berlin each completely themed. East Berlin was a bit emo so we opted for the glamorous West. Gotta mention the toilets too- love the snow covered houses.

I don't care if we were at the Casino, these giant Chinese New Year decorations are fabulous!

Johnny wanted to watch Australia vs Japan in the Asian up finals so we did. What seemed like ten hours later, the guy in the fore ground sums up the night.

Little Creatures on Brunswick Street. What a lifesaver in 40 degree heat! The most exciting part were the tiny beer/cider servings that had. Asian size!

Mr Squiggle, I love you.

St Ali's is the bomb and so is Tori for taking us there. Coffee in siphons, amazing service, to die for food, you have to taste it explain it Fruit Tingle juice, and really really great menu copy. #WIN.

When it's 40 degrees outside your pretty helpless. Thank god for art galleries.

I love this water feature. I think I stood there for a good 10 minutes watching the people behind it and pretending they were watercolour paintings.

I found saw what people loved about Melbourne. It was such a whirlwind trip but all thanks to Johnny who whisked me away and spoilt me the whole weekend!

Happy Valentines Day

/ Monday /
Sometimes when I wander down King Street I find myself in stores when I really don't need to be at all. I often find myself in one particular store which has walls covered in these Able & Game quirky cards. Don't you think they're super sweet?

When I was in Melbourne I found myself at Rose Street Markets and there was a stall with the whole range and lots of other bits and pieces. It was so great to see that it wasn't mass made.

How are you spending this Valentines Day? A couple of years ago my best friend Johnny and I decided we were going to spend Valentines Day together for the rest of our lives no matter what(pending location of course). We've let our partners of know course but all in all it makes things alot easier!

Hello Vietnam....again

/ Saturday /
Remember that weird country that I packed up my life and moved to only to come home to Sydney 5 months later? Well, in a weird twist of fate Vietnam and I shall meet again.

This time, Johnny has gone off and gotten himself a fancypants job in Hanoi. That means that in April, I'll be saying "I don't want a farewell!", packing up my life again, and going over to join him.

I'm scared and excited.....

Madeline Swing Dress

/ Wednesday /
I'm no fashion blogger but I had to take this shot to show you this dress I bought on the weekend. I tried it on hoping it would look crap but once I did i knew I had to get it. It's from Forever New and has both tulle and lining as well as boning (what is it called when it's not actually made of bone?). LOVE.

P.s. In case you're wondering about the bear picture my boyfriend bought it for me because he thought it was hilarious (which it is!).



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