Jo & Fiona's Big Day Out

/ Monday /

When I shot these I'd been in Saigon for more then two months. Up until this point I'd taken...well, not very many photos at all. Then I met Fiona, my new housemate. She looked familiar, so I asked if she was from Sydney. Turns out we lived in the same suburb.

These are some pictures of our big day out which included a Vietnamese 1st birthday, trying on wedding dresses, a fashion tv party and reaching out ultimate goal of the fine arts gallery only to find it closed.

Yellow Goat : Keepsake Box Ring

/ Wednesday /

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I love all of Yellow Goats pieces, but the Keepsake Box Ring is my favourite (ooh and this and this and this!).

The Broken Hearts : Black Cat

/ /

I've listened to this song enough times now to make it blog worthy.

It's damn fine. Who wants to paint the town red with me?

The only problem is I can't find many more songs of theirs! Help?

Girltalk in Hanoi!

/ Tuesday /

Very indulgently, Kate and I flew up to Hanoi to see Girltalk play. Both our first time, Hanoi bowled us over- it's so pretty. I look forward to being up there next week!

Red #1

/ /

I don't know where this image is from, but thank you!

Tour de Force AW09

/ Thursday /

If there's one thing I love just as much as pandas, puppies and Paul Kalkbrenner it's Tour de Force. Their new AW09 collection (and by new I mean I just saw it...) isn't as fab as SS09 but I'm lusting nonetheless! Sigh- that damn Euro exchange rate!

Oh and if the above doesn't get really overexcited, check out the collaboration they did with little fashion gallery. Yes please!

Amnesty Hong Kong

/ /

“Everyone should be gay in society. Unfortunately they are not. The gay community in Hong Kong faces discrimination in housing, jobs benefits and immigration. How can they be happy if they are discriminated because of their sexuality. If you want to bring happiness to gay people all over the world, please go to to give your support.”

via the inspiration room



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