Stay At Home Club

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I loved Stay at Home Club even before I saw how damn cute their tees and pennants were.

It's as if their branding and very ideals are speaking directly to my late 20's, too lazy to go out, internet loving female self (except for the cats, I'm still scared of cats).

Just put in my order for the Recluse tee. I can't wait to not show you all.


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In the same week that our new meeting rooms at work have been christened with the names Cassette and Floppy (as a homage to outdated technology) this video popped up in my twitter feed. It's kinda scary how fast technology has come in such a short time - I'll be able to tell my kids what it was like before everyone had mobile phones. If I remember of course.

I absolutely love this clip and arrangement. The only problem is it's far to short and needs to be a full track.

On the upside it's been a lovely introduction to electronic artist Miaoux Miaoux. He sounds a little like Ben Gibbard don't you think?

Fifties Fair 2013: Rose Seidler House

/ Sunday /

After years of missing the Sydney Fifties Fair for some reason or other I finally made it! It was an absolutely perfect day, with getting dressed up and having a production line of friends hair to do all part of the fun.

Coincidentally Daphne and I both ended up in pink with floral hats. Great minds...

As predicted there were gorgeous girls everywhere but what I didn't expect was for Wahroonga and Rose Seidler House to be so utterly beautiful. It's easy to forget there's a world outside the inner city bubble sometimes.

These are a few of my photos from the day. See more on my Flickr, Ish and Chi, Gobbled & GulpedSew Retro Rose, Nora FindsTara Moss, Subversive FemmeQuiet Vintage Sewing or through the #fiftiesfair hashtag on instagram. There's also this really cute Fifties Fair 2013 thank you video here.

Hello to all the lovely people I met too- feel free to ping me if you want any of the photos I took on the day or if you have a link I can add to the above line-up do let me know.

Until next year cool cats!

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