Collages + Cookies

/ Tuesday /

A couple of weeks ago I held a Collages + Cookies afternoon with some lovely lady friends of mine. 

Inspired by some pop art exhibition that was held that AGNSW recently, I thought what better excuse than to share it with friends. I'm glad I did too because I realised how terribly tedious it would have been to cut things out alone! 

I'm so thrilled with some of the results although it definitely took alot more work and thinking than I had expected. Many, many cookies had to be consumed in the process. 

Some tips:
- Second hand shops are a great place to pick up magazines and old books in bulk if you want to just buy a bunch. If you have more time and space to hoard, it's amazing how many books are given away for free.

- I bought some plain grey cardboard to use as a background but they seemed too boring on the day. I would start with a cool background and work from there. 

- Give yourself a couple of hours at least! Finding bits you want takes much longer than you think....

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