Fafi x Undiz

/ Thursday /
You can file this under the well established category of "Anything Fafi Does Will Be Pretty Much Freaking Amazing".

I bring you her latest collaboration, Fafi x Undiz...

P.S. Have you seen Vogue's Fafi Kids?

P.P.S. I still totally want to dress up like a Fafi girl. Le sigh.

Agatha Bolla

/ Tuesday /

Sometimes it's nice to see your own city through the eyes of someone else- or in this case Sydney photographer Agatha Bolla. See more of her luscious images on her Tumblr cpatured.

I'd love to talk to all of these people and find out their stories. Chatting to strangers just doesn't happen that much nowdays though- at least not in the city anyway. My boyfriends parents were in town recently and commented that it's definitely more of a country thing. I think also it could be a difference in age too,"old" people always seem up for a chat.

In other news I've been super busy but happily have something exciting (in my world anyway!) that I've been working on to post soon. Stay tuned.
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