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I got to spend the weekend in Bangkok with Johnny's supercute nephews. Props to all are tiring!

Museum of Ethnology

/ Thursday /

Had a look through The Museum of Ethnology yesterday, and despite a crazy taxi ride (I've think I've caught car sickness from Vietnamese cabs) after about 10 minutes I was so excited I thought I was going to burst. All I wanted to do was draw.

The museum was a collection of well, stuff, from different ethnic tribes of the Vietnam region. The colour! The detail! The kitch!

Jo & Fionas Little Day Out (Hanoi Version)

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Secret Squirrel

/ Monday /
Secret Squirrel Clothing. Simple, pretty clothes you can actually wear. Alot. They're having a sale at the moment online....must resist!

52 Suburbs

/ Saturday /
52 Suburbs is a blog about discovering and appreciating what is right on your doorstep - with a little effort of course. The idea is simple, visit a new suburb every week for a year armed with a camera in search of the unknown.

I love the idea (and especially the commitment), but even more so the photography.

Detail, pattern, texture and colour. It's what I love through and through. Beautiful.

Sushi Baggage

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Can someone please make baggage in the shape of sushi? It would make waiting for my bags at the airport a hell of alot more exciting.

Something like this...(but obviously super cool baggage instead.)

On the subject of sushi, if there was anything missing from my life, it's probably a sushi pillow. Yes please!



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