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My first visit to the Australian Centre of Photography I'm embaressed to say was only a few weeks ago. Not for lack of trying of course- it just simply was closed every single time I rocked up.

I'm glad I finally made it though. There is the Head On portrait exhibition which is fantastic as well as an exhibition called The Mirror Effect, which includes one of the most interesting, engaging and powerful artworks I've ever seen. Really.

The video above is part of the installation. The artwork is made up of three videos projected on three walls one after another. The clips have been edited from hundred of youtube clips and to me, highlight that no matter how isolated and alone you feel, a million others have, or are, feeling the same. It also highlights how much particular issues and themes resonate with people the varying degrees- enough for them to make a public statement (you also wonder what are their motivations?).

This is an incredibly engaging work providing a new context to something seemingly very simple. It ends Saturday 5 June 2010 so please get to Paddington to see it. The ACP is right on the main street so there's no excuse!

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