March Challenge: Do Something Different Pt 2

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Hey kids do you notice something different? Yep- those there are INSTAGRAM photos. Now I have an iPhone I'm all over it. Speaking of being all over it, here's the next update for the March Challenge!

  • Day 8: Went to the Belvoir Theatre for the first time & saw Babyteeth (amazing play, see it if you can)
  • Day 9: Ventured out of the city bubble to Rozelle for Art Month Sydney 
  • Day 10: Had lunch at The Australian on a weekend (I've only been there on weekdays) so Laura could try crocodile and kangaroo.
  • Day 11: Wore a new dress and headpiece
  • Day 12: Let myself love 21 Jump Street
  • Day 13: Instead of playing it safe ordered the tender steak, cheddar cheese & smokey bacon pie at The Pie Tin. And it was scarily delicious.
  • Day 14: Wore the panda socks my friend Jo gave me

Hope everyone going well. If you want a stickybeak at what others have been up to check out Laura's post over here.


{ Tracey } on: March 26, 2012 at 4:39 PM said...

Nice update ... I love all the different things you've been getting up to. This March challenge has proved to be even more fun than I originally thought! :)

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