Kate Bush: 50 Words For Snow

/ Sunday /

Excuse me I'm sorry to bother you,
But don't I know you?

There's just something about you.
Haven't we met before?

When we got on top of the hill,
We saw Rome burning.
I just let you walk away.
I've never forgiven myself.

I saw you on the steps in Paris.
You were with someone else.
Couldn't you see that should have been me.
I just walked on by.

Then we met in '42,
But we were on different sides.
I hid you under my bed,
But they took you away.

Come with me, I'll find some rope
I'll tie us together.
I've been waiting for you so long…
I don't want to lose you again…

 Snowed in at Wheeler street.
Just two old friends.
Keeping the fire going.
We looked so good together.

Can't we just stay there forever?
We were so happy!
I'd live that day over and over.
But the world won't stop turning.

How do you find music you love? The way it usually works for me is that I'll play an album a couple of times, and my ears will somehow pick up on some random detail. That's the test. When I'm not fully focused, will something jump out at me?

Kate Bush has a new album called 50 Words For Snow (you can stream it here).  I LOVE Kate Bush. She is probably the only one left on my list of "people I want to see before I die". Considering she has toured only once in her career it's probably not about to happen anytime soon.

I'm all about lyrics when it comes to music (I'm often taken back when most people say they don't notice them!). I love Kate Bush because she is an amazing songwriter- everything she writes springs visuals and emotions with such simplicity. I feel like there's layers and layers of meaning, yet with one simple story. Kinda of like fairytales you love as a child but who's full meaning you find out later.

My favourite song of all time is "Running Up The Hill" where she manages to so poetically capture the essence of of a break-up. It's not about being heart-broken as most songs are, but rather it gets to the heart of wanting someone else to feel how you feel. Isn't that the essence in a break-up?

On her latest album the song "Snowed In At Wheeler Street" is the one that grabbed me, and an excerpt of it's lyrics are above. I must be mushy at heart because it's about a couple who love each other through time. That sounds incredibly corny and done before, but add her textured voice, and Elton John, and you feel like you were there with them watching the scenes before your eyes.

Let me know what you think. Perhaps Kate Bush isn't for everyone.

On another note, Ben Folds is another lyricist I love (for the same reasons) and this is equally my favourite song of all time, again, for the lyrics.


{ hila } on: November 29, 2011 at 4:15 PM said...

yeeees, god I can't wait to listen to this. kate bush is a goddess. I'm a bit perplexed when people say they don't listen to lyrics - I just don't get the point if it's all about the tune without the words.

{ SARAH } on: December 2, 2011 at 2:46 AM said...

I'm a sucker for lyrics too - especially a little mushy writing :)

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