The Chinese Wedding

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Ancestor offerings

Double happiness fruit

I don't know what any of this is

Hair combing ceremony

Burning ancestor offering

New Asian tradition of taking a gazillon photos

Tea ceremony

Firecrackers (which caused me to have an asthma attack, hilarious in hindsight)


Then everyone gets drunk and parties on

My last trip to Malaysia was specifically to go my cousin Vicky's wedding that I had invited myself to. Being Asian, this of course was perfectly okay. It was just a matter of time before an aunt told me it was the right thing to do anyway.

I'm glad I went- my dad's side I found was still very traditional, and this meant lots of "what's happening now?" and "what does this mean?" type of questions. It's quite funny seeing all the adults try and remember the proper order of traditions and what should be done next in the ceremonies- god knows what will happen when it's up to my generation!

The highlights:
:: I love the part where the bride sits in the room and her bridesmaids put the groom through all these challenges (like eating wasabi, doing push-ups, and paying them bribes) to prove he's worthy to go and take her from her home

:: Being introduced to family members I have no recollection of, and couldn't speak Chinese to. There was alot of awkward smiling

:: Being told I look like my mother by almost every single person. After seeing this you'll know I'm okay with that

:: Seeing Vickys wedding outfit- WOW. Check out that beading!

Is it just me or is it wedding season? They're everywhere! (or it might just be because I'm in Vietnam...)


{ Vanessa, Take only Memories } on: November 28, 2011 at 1:07 AM said...

All of these colors look so wonderful! Love the cup cakes!

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