Metronomy: She Wants

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If there was a music genre that typified sentimental, sweet, yet heart-breaking, sometimes haunting music I'd totally be all over that shit. And this track would fall into it too.

Gush, Metronomy, what to say? There was a time I was really really into them, and this track outdoes all of that (see above point). I saw them a couple of years back at Becks Bar for Sydney Festival and they were fantastic.

I love music videos so much and directors Jul & Mat remind me why. So simple, and yet the whole way it's building up the anticipation with so many suprises in between. I love how they haven't overdone a particular treatment (doing so would just be cheesy), and I'm dying to know where the QR Code goes. If someone with an enabled phone can tell me that would be great! What a wonderful ending too, it certainly makes you think about everything you just saw all over again.



{ See Hear Say } on: February 28, 2011 at 8:16 PM said...

i just realised you don't use tags / labels on your blog. i was going to browse your music posts to listen to them at work.

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