I Heart Kozyndan #1

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Walking around East Sydney one night we stumbled upon the tiny Outre Gallery- which now of course is one my favourite places. In the window was the above print and then and there started my love of Kozyndan. I ended up buying the it a little while later (as a poor account exec!) and then succumbed to the Bunny Blossoms.

I love them for lots of reasons, but one of which is because they don't just stick to one medium. Their work oozes sweetness and fantasy. I was very excited to meet them last time they were in Sydney and even more excited to eat a Bunnyfish cookie! (and that Kozy like my guitar shoes).

They're world is pretty much my fantasy. Travel the world and make art with my love? Yes please.

They've just relaunched their site here, so if you haven't fallen for them yet, now's the time...

Oh...I also considered this tonight...


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