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I've been tagged by Laura to write about 7 things I love. I could do a panda montage...a sausage dog montage...or even a napping montage, but what I'm missing most at the moment are the people I love and what I love about them. So here they are*:

1. Laura
Laura is funny. And random. My favorite part about Laura is when she gets drunk, she poses and yells out 'take a picture of me! take a picture of me!'. Oh, she also inspires me to be creative. Hell, this blog wouldn't be here without her.

2. Boyfriend Johnny
I never thought I'd find someone I would fall so in love with. He makes me do silly things like get FIVE vaccinations before I came to Vietnam, have a pretend panda and sausage dog named Tickles and Tofu, and do my tax for the last 3 years.

3. Jo
I chatted to Jo on webcam yesterday and we spent a good minute pretending poking each other. That's pretty much sums us up when we're together. 14 year old girls. And I love it. Jo and I also love dirty rnb clubbing, and we don't judge each other for it.

4. Bestfriend Johnny
I'm not sure why we work, we just do. Maybe cause we're both from the hood. And by hood I mean the suburbs. He also tells me how it is. Like the time he told me he couldn't be friends with my then boyfriend, because what would happen when we broke up. He was right too!

My sanity who understands the world for what it is- mostly alot of crap. He gives me music, gets me trashed and even helped me send out silly edms about shampoo. But most of all, Seth is just so fcuking cool and doesn't even know it.

6. Daphne
Quote me on this- "Daphne is the only normal one in my family". Really. She'll pose for me anytime and is just so damn cute. Super cute infact. She also acknowledges the fact that I'm pretty normal too. That's enough for me!

7. Cecilla
I like Cecilla because we can be meh. Then she started working in advertising. Now we have meh and advertising. She doesn't really have a filter and says silly things sometimes. It's confusing but alot of the time it's funny, which makes it okay.

* Disclaimer: Not in order and not necessarily my TOP favorite people ever. You're all my favorite!


{ laura } on: July 2, 2009 at 11:26 PM said...

*blush* i love you too.

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