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I am full of emotion , excitement and relief to finally announce my new venture and online store Miss Betty Brooch!

This has been something that has been in the works for a long time but after having lunch with a friend he convinced me that I was never going to have everything perfect to my liking, and getting it up and starting was the first step. Soon after, I was introduced to The Alison Show and watched her series on How To Be Awesome and she echoed the exact same thing. They were both right! Now that it's up I'm much more excited about adding new things and chatting to people about it.

So why brooches? It's been a little obsession of mine for a while now and at the height of it I just couldn't a find one place that sold only them. It's that simple.

I love them because they aren't too big, you can pick them to your mood and they make an outfit way more fun. Would love to know your thoughts and if you know of anyone who would into this feel free to share.

Check out the store here, stay up to date on Facebook and follow Betty Brooch on Instagram.

Thanks for all the kind words and support so far. All of it has made my heart sing.


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