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Have you ever seen someone or something and thought- Hey, I could do that.

That's how my talk at Ignite Sydney called 'How To Be Awesome At Yum Cha', and 5 terrifying minutes of my life came to fruition.

I'd been to a couple of events before and each time bombarded my friends with ideas on other subjects I thought would be great (usually whatever I was obsessed with at the time).

It wasn't until many months later when I was sent the submissions link from my cousin Daphne with the explicit instructions of "APPLY" that I seriously thought about doing it. I of course was obsessed with yum cha at the time (though to be honest still am) but it was during a period where I was fired up on the subject. I was excited that there were so many non-Asian people enthusiastic about it, but then sad that they were all eating food reminiscent of a Chinese restaurant in the 80's.

Doing the talk was one of the most fun things I did last year and I highly recommend as a strategy for getting you to do something you haven't done before- signing up then having no choice but to follow through.

Big applause to Stephen Lead for running the event this year and giving myself to opportunity to do something rad and talk about something I am passionate about, and all the people who gave me such positive feedback.

A few other talks from the night I loved: Manhattan to Matraville by Joel Meares, Secrets of Drag Revealed by Ben Grill and Make a living on YouTube (or die trying) by Dave Jones.

If you're thinking 'Hey, I can do that"- you can! Sign-up to the mailing list keep a look out for when submissions open up next.

* Fun fact: I haven't actually watched this video, ever. I can't take the cringe of watching myself!


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