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I made an unexpected trip back to Malaysia straight after our Bali/Singapore adventure and whenever I'm there I realise how lucky I am to have an awesome family. They're always happy to take me out and about and this time we went trekking in one of the world's largest man-made jungles. We hired a guide and it was absolutely worth it, not only because he had bug spray but he was able to tell us about what otherwise just looked like really big trees that all looked the same. He also removed the leeches from my brother and uncle's legs.

As well that I:
::Ate the most delicious roast goose and harm choy soup here. I'm still thinking about it.

:: Went shopping at Kenanga Wholesale City. Despite the name it's open to the public and it's full of amazing cheap, cute stuff. There was a shop of just bows. You could spend all day here. Ask for discounts too. I was in awe of my aunt's bargining and I felt put to shame in comparison. I was going to buy a packet of hair ties for $4AUD. She got me 2 packets for the same price. If you buy more than 1 you get a discount- most of the time up to 50% off.

:: Prayed to my grandfather and had my fortune read. In the background, my younger boy cousin read World of Warcraft the whole time.

:: Fell even more in love with my cousin's baby girl Tiffany. One look at this and you'll see why.

:: Didn't even go near town. Instead my aunt and I became obsessed with a cheesy Chinese drama called Empress In The Palace and watched it for 2-4 hours everyday. Oh the shame. Seriously, I even started having dreams about it. It was also quite educational (see that justification?) as I now know that concubines were wrapped up naked in a blanket like sushi and carried into the king's bed. Educational.


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