Nathan & Tabitha Get Married

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Remember my friends Nathan & Tabitha who had the amazing engagement? Well, not surprisingly they also had an amazing wedding.

I could mention the fact that they had it at The Vanguard (a live music venue), got a communist-type logo make of their faces (they've been living in Hanoi so it's kinda appropriate) or got their friend to dress up like a priest and marry them with song lyrics - but for me it really doesn't get any better then simply walking to the wedding venue through Newtown and meeting people and taking photos along the way.

Having people think her and her bridesmaid Beth were having a lesbian wedding was just a bonus.

Love the fun fun outfits and all the other amazing details. Check them all out over at her hilarious blog The City That Never Sleeps In. I still can't get over her gorgeous DIY flowers!


{ Tabitha } on: February 28, 2012 at 2:37 PM said...

If I was a lesbian, and if Beth wasn't married (to a man), and if gay marriage was legal in Australia then I would TOTALLY MARRY BETH.

Photos look A-MAZE-ING.

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