Jane Tyrrell: Old Fashioned Morphine (Jolie Holland cover)

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I have what seems to be an ever growing list of girl crushes. It includes such people as Roisin Murphy, Natasha Khan, Ellen Allien and that a girl I saw at Sydney Theatre Company last night (who's inspired me to buy some short boots).

As well as that, somewhere towards the top of that list is Australian artist Jane Tyrrell for the following reasons:

  • She joined hip hop group The Herd and made them somehow more awesome- unlike the awkwardness of Fergie joining the Black Eyed Peas *shudder*
  • She has an amazing voice that goes across hip hop, soul, blues and everything in between- if you have a chance to see her live do it!
  • She was part of The Firekites- if you haven't heard of them they're pretty damn amazing
  • She's also a graphic designer and artist
  • She doesn't dress like a prostitute- win!

I think if I add any more points I might sound creepy so I'll leave it here.

Want to see more? Check out this cute video here.


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