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Everyone who knows me knows I do love a good techno gig or two. Like many others in Sydney who love music, the streetpress newspaper/mag 3D World (RIP) was something you'd look through obsessively every week to see what was coming up (especially since often there are so many things you have to plan what to spend your money on).

One of the standout promoters for me who consistently caught my eye are HAHA Industries, not only because their parties are awesome but because everytime I saw an ad and said to myself "great poster" it happened to be for them. The nerd inside of me also notes how great it is that for each party there's a defined look and feel/concept that is consistent for each gig. Consistancy is highly underrated my friends.

The designer behind it all is Dave Fernandes who annoyingly is not only a pretty switched on designer but someone who can play a damn fine tune or two. For more check out Good Sound Advice.


{ ChaPoul } on: September 2, 2011 at 9:50 PM said...

haha, i love "consistency is highly underrated"!!!

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