Hello Kitty as Daft Punk

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Well, that was a title I'd never thought I'd be writing.

Most people should know by now I have a love of Hello Kitty (yes, a little ironic considering I'm completely scared and freaked out by cats), and of course there's no other than Daft Punk. So Hello Kitty and Daft Punk combined means nothing else but a oh-my-gosh-hands-on-cheeks-GASP!

But wait there's more- see Hello Kitty as everyone, from a smurf to Buzz Lightyear to even the puffy guy from Ghostbusters!

Via the awesomeness of Seth (though how he came about it I'm not quite sure).


{ See Hear Say } on: October 4, 2010 at 7:31 PM said...

are you talking about seth as in that seth??? keeps me impressed more and more since i heard abt he stops going out getting wasted hahaha

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