Christmas Bow by Kate Spade

/ Sunday /

I love these Kate Spade pieces so much! I'm sure you'll agree, they would do very nicely for an early Christmas present? I don't think they're part of the current range, but you can buy them here.

Image via Style Obsession


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TweetCloud is a cute piece of code that pops up keywords from you're twitter account. Well, I guess sums me up then! (Awesome, hehe).

Wil Freeborn

/ Friday /
I had a very hard time deciding which of Wil Freeborn's beautiful watercolours and sketches to put up. Take the time to have a look through, you'll be inspired!

Art Decks

/ Tuesday /

I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure an Art Deckscreation would make my life better (so would a place to live to put it in!).

Emily's Birthday Party

/ Monday /
On the weekend I went to what could only be described as a delightful birthday party.

I loved the cute streamers and balloons, backyard picnic set-up and the super sweet goodie bags to take home (which included a clove of garlic- afterall, who doesn't need garlic?).

The highlight of the party though was the massive about of gourmet food they cooked- pea and mint, and trout dips, spinach pie, rice pasta tuna salad and plums simmered in berries just to name a few- yum! (I wish I had taken more photos!).

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros : Home

/ Friday /

This track by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros makes me so happy and gooey inside.
Home is whereever I'm with you....

Happy Engagement!

/ Wednesday /
These are all made by Jonny's Sister who do customisable letter pillows and bunting (the flag things, who knew?). They also do giant letters- yes please!!!

This is dedicated to two of my favourite girls, Jo and Melissa, happy engagement! I'd say I was slightly jealous but that would be weird and awkward if my boyfriend ever read this (oh, hi ruff!- I'm joking...eeee!).

Tatzu Nishi

/ Tuesday /
Wondering what's going on in front of the Art Gallery of NSW?

Don't be fooled, it's not another round of restoration, but instead two very very interesting installations by Tatzu Nishi through Kaldor Art Projects (who are responsbile for Jeff Koon's Puppy at the MCA years back!). I love the way it simply recontexualises the everyday, especially when it's something you think you've seen a hundred times.

It only takes 10 minutes to have a look at, but you have to get in quick- it ends this Saturday. Trust me, it's well worth it! When else would you get to be that up close and personal with some Sydney landmarks?

(P.s. Sydney is beautiful at the moment, get out there for a lunchtime walk!)

Update: Thanks Molly! The exhibition finishes on the 14th of February (but don't let that be an excuse to dawdle!)

Things That Fly

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Bats over Elizabeth Bay

Pigeons hanging out in Newtown

From KL to Taipei

/ Saturday /
I don't know about you, but I hate flying. But no matter what, I'm always astounded at just how beautiful clouds world can be.

My Parents Were Awesome

/ Thursday /
My Parents Were Awesome is my new inspiration! That foxy bird up top? That's my mom =)



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