Madonna Inn

/ Friday /

Excuse me while I just lose it here a little bit. I was reading the blog Milk Teeths and found this amazing post about Madonna Inn on the central coast of California. It features 100 rooms each completely different and who all scream vintage, tacky, and really, really awesome. Perfect if you've ever wanted to be a 50's housewife, demanding diva, porn star or a character in a 70's sitcom. I'm not too sure about this room though.

See the full images of all the rooms here. Go nuts kids, go nuts.

March Challenge: Do Something Different Pt 3

/ Sunday /

This is my final post that wraps up the March challenge to do something different everyday....

Day 15: Messaged my cousin living in Zambia to see how he was
Day 16: Started #cosmofashionfriday at work to show off what the team is wearing each week
Day 17: Lunch at a new place- Ayam Goreng 99 in Kensington- it's amazing!
Day 18: I've always wanted a corset and I finally bought one!
Day 19: Took a different escalator out of the train station (too packed- now I know!)
Day 20: Ate capsicum and artichoke at Felix.
Day 21: Did a nude photoshoot at work cause they had people cancel at the last minute. Not as weird as you 'd think and way more fun.

Day 22: Went to yoga, in a church, with a dj. Then danced to God is a Dj an Smack My Bitch Up.
Day 23: Went to Bingo for the first time- stressful but very fun.
Day 24: Styled a 50's pin-up shoot
Day 25: Downloaded a new supercute photo app called Tappi Snap
Day 26: Started wearing new glasses
Day 27: Went to see a SDC show and invited Emily. Finally had dinner at Cafe Sopra too!
Day 28: Started watching Toddlers an Tiaras. Can't. Look. Away.
Day 29: Went to Duke for dinner (wasn't too impressed...)

Day 30: Went to the fancy opening of the new club Marquee at Star City and walked the purple carpet.
Day 31: Did a solar plate print class- fun but really, really tiring

And so kids, that was March. How quickly time goes! Can you believe we're almost mid-year?

Hope everyone else who took on the challenge got through it. Head over to Laura's post as she wraps up some of the final thoughts of everyone who got involved. Until the next challenge friends!

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