Doctor L Featuring Clip Payne: The Def Song

/ Tuesday /
I don't love this song though I know that if I heard it more it would grow on me. What I do love though it the video treatment. They way they used archived footage is gorgeous and I really love the colours and layers.

Now I might just go listen to it again...

Creative Collective: June Project

/ Friday /

One of the exciting things about not having a job is being able to participate in fun projects. Yeah yeah, I know people with jobs do that too, but let's face it, working in advertising is can suck time and energy out of you like you never ever thought it could.

So onto fun stuff- this month I signed up for the Creative Collective June Project. It was a pretty simple premise, you send three packages out, you get three packages back. These are some shots of what I put together- looks simple enough but I haven't worked so intently on something for a long time! I could be over-reacting but I'm pretty sure some RSI was involved.

Here's to the Vietnam mail service getting them there now!

Kristina Mordokhovitch

/ Wednesday /
Kristina Mordokhovitch brings out the full blown girliness in me. I've spent about an hour looking at all the amazing images on her blog and now all I want to do is dress up and have a glam tea party. And go to Iceland.

As well as being a gorgeous illustrator, she is also a photographer which is also why her blog is so wonderful to digest.

Colourful. Kitchy. Fun. Sweet.


Hello Hanoi II

/ Saturday /
Kids umbrellas for sale

Every drink comes with something even if it's just a twisty straw

Green on green on green

I really want this outfit! One of the many too cute stores

I'll never get sick of seeing flower women

Colour + detail

Preparations for Childrens Day

Twisty straw

At the Metro supermarket where more is more

Another batch of photos from out and about. This time with captions!

Hello Hanoi

/ Wednesday /
Random bar in the old quarter


Novelty shirt at Alexander Boyd

This, according to my sheltered, Aussie, urban self, is amazing

Sure, there's alot of things of bikes here, but none so smile inducing

Outside the mausoleum- they walked about 100m like this. Cuteness overload.

Army van

Vietnam did bunting before you thought it was cool

Inside the Opera House. Overwhelmingly gorgeous.

Lanterns at Hoan Kiem Lake

I'm finally getting around to uploading some random shots from out and about walking the streets of Hanoi.

I'm trying to get over that "thing" that stops you from taking photos, though sometimes that "thing" is "oh god someone is going to steal my bag".

The Monday Project: They Grouped Under The Lamp Post, Alone

/ Monday /
I finally got my act together to submit something for The Monday Project, another creative project similar to Sparkapolooza, but with a month long deadline and harder briefs. It proves great minds think alike!

This months theme was "“They grouped under the lamp post, alone" and this is a quick sketch. I still need to force myself to draw more so I can figure out a style I'm comfortable with but this is a start!

Creatures & Ives

/ Friday /

I came across Chip Trout's wonderful project Creatures & Ives on the Make Something 365 blog. I love seeing 365 day projects and always find the commitment completely inspirational.
I haven't started one yet - cause let's face it, no one wants to fail, but seeing these and knowing one is created everyday has brought me a little closer.

Do you know of any other great 365 day projects?


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