Jo & Her Gnomes (+7 Musical Insights)

/ Tuesday /
Leave two girls alone in a house in the suburbs and this is the result. I've always wanted to try doing "victory curls" and my best friend Jo has the most perfect hair for just about anything. These shots are the result of a very improptu shoot- you can tell cause we're in her backyard. Thank god for her collection of gnomes to make it more fun!

On another note, the lovely Hila from le projet d'amour has tagged me in a versatile blogger award. Yay! Part of the award includes sharing 7 things about me and passing it on, so here goes, hello to Jess, Rozie, Sam & Maria cause you're tagged!

So 7 things about me? I've decided to give you some musical insight...

:: My top three gigs of all time (in order) are: George Michael @ The SCG in 2010, Supermayer @ Home in 2008, and DJ Shadow @ The Hordern in 2006.

:: My first concert was at Newcastle Workers Club to see Girlfriend (who still holds a special place in my heart. My favourite was Melanie, who was yours?) my first real concert was seeing Powderfinger at The Forum in 2001.

:: My go to “happy place” when I’m stressed or anxious is a dark, intimate club with loud techno (that’s not packed). Preferably Civic Underground or Marrickville Bowls. I'm also not sleepy or hungry.

:: I once got up on stage and danced with De La Soul. Obviously when I was younger and thought I was hotter.

:: I had always wanted to cut my hair into a chinadoll bob but never had the balls to until I saw Bic Runga with the cut for her Birds album. Check out Say After Me, gush!

:: I once yelled at a promoter for “the shittest gig ever”- when K-Ci and Jojo played at The Metro and were so trashed they could hardly stand up straight. This was when I was younger too.

:: I’m a sound nazi at gigs, if it’s anything less then decent I’m the first to start whinge about it!

I'm off too swoon over Bic Runga now. Have a great day!

Bon Chat, Bon Rat: Blackbird

/ Monday /

Loving Bon Chat Bon Rat at the moment. I saw the them support Toro Y Moi a couple of weeks ago and was blown away. Beautiful soundscapes that remind me of a more dense version of Seekae.

They also have a cover of Everything But The Girl's "And I Miss You" that sounds amazing.

Keep an eye out for these guys, they'll do well!

The Imperial Panda Festival

/ Wednesday /
The Imperial Panda Festival saw in it’s 3rd year in 2011. It was an exciting year, not only because of a City of Sydney grant (yay! I love it when it goes to something awesome), but also because I could FINALLY get along to it. Not only that, I volunteered at the festival which meant I got to see more then just one of two shows- four in fact!

What I love about the festival is it’s quirkiness. I really do have the feeling that you could rock up to any of the shows and see something totally fun and different. As well as that, the shows all seemed to have limited capacity, and not in a Chinese Laundry type of “limited capacity” (completely unrelated but I’m still annoyed by Kalkbrenner), but the type of limited capacity which makes it intimate and as if you’re truly part of something special.

Walking into the shows I had no expectations, and little pre-knowledge of the show. So here’s my wrap-up...

Campfire Collective

I loved the premise of this- a group of people coming together to tell everyday stories. I expected it to be interesting, a bit voyeuristic, and maybe 1 or 2 people who had a good story but maybe who could have delivered it better. Instead I got 6 (or 5?) really good, hilarious presenters, who projected and made me and everyone laugh. Out loud at that.

My favourite was Kate Worsley’s story about her top 5 weirdos including one on Enmore Road who tried to give her shoes. Who couldn't relate to that? Another was a story about a home invasion fail- but at least had the upside of producing comedy material. Then there was the story about one lesbians disappointing experience picking up and having sex with a cab driver who didn't think she could handle a fist.

It was a great show, and so simple in it’s premise. It had so much character and makes you reflect on your own stories too. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for these guys! You can check them out here.

Miles O’Neil

All I knew about Miles O’Neil was that “he’s also in The Suitcase Royale”. Great, only I didn’t know who they were either.

Miles show was a mixture of funny antidotes, projected vintage film footage and some very amazing songs/ guitar playing. His songs are what captured me the most- it really felt as if the songs were born from years of walking the earth and having experienced everything in life. I’m very much a lyric person, and due to my awkward sitting position it wasn’t something I concentrated on, but the nostalgic, textured sentiment of the songs was definitely there.

As well as this, just to show how much of a professional he is, even when the film projector stuffed up, he was meandering on stage fixing it and incorporating jokes. Did I mention he was also oh so well dressed?

Claudia O’Doherty: What Is Soil Erosion?

Initially when I saw this on the bill I thought it was a serious talk about soil erosion. After all, it’s cool to be knowledgeable and informed right? (of course I hear you say).

So when I found out it wasn’t it was a bit of an oh. moment.

What is Soil Erosion turned out the be a one woman show, based on a yet to be made awesome TV show set over the next 20 years (in tune with the moon cycles) about...well soil erosion.

Claudia energetically went through each of the episodes which included so much running around on a small stage that I felt hot just looking at her in her caramel turtleneck and cords.

There is absolutely no doubt the word “random” was created at the dawn of time with this show in mind. I went through lots of laughter, lots of confusion and lots of wondering what on earth she was going to do next. Oh, and there were lazers, you can’t have a show about soil erosion without lazers.

Dr Brown
This is was the secret show, held at the very trendy time of 11pm at night in Surry Hills. No one knew anything about the show and the organisers weren’t giving anything away. The only clue I got was “really good” and “some people have said it’s the best show they’ve ever seen”. How could you go wrong?

When I rocked up and found out it was sold out it made me LOVE Sydney so much. Gotta love it when people have faith. I ended up chatting to a few people and we joked about how it would be awful if the entire show was that once single thing that you hated, “like mime” she said.

It was mime.

The show started slowly. The lights came on. Then went down. The lights came on music played. Then stopped. This happened quite a few times. I could already tell this was preparing us for something.

I knew during the show why this was kept as a secret show. Try telling your friends about a great mime show that they should go see and see the reaction. This show was in fact really bloody good. I read one review that when trying to explain it someone tried to re-enact parts of it only to give up. That’s pretty much how it rolls. I could say that he pretended to stick chopsticks through this face, or that he acted out in a Japanese mask fingering someone, then put his fist, arm, then his whole body in, or that he took coffee orders only to shoosh people, but it just doesn’t quite do the show justice.

The show brought everyone on the same level, and once you were there, and realised where you were, everything was funny. Even the finale of stripping naked except for an apron, bending over, and wiggle his ass and balls somehow seemed appropriate. I think I covered my eyes.


I hope this encourages you get involved next year. There were so many shows I wanted to get to but couldn't. Shoutout to Rosie, Zoe, Elise, Mish and Eddie, and a big congratulations on putting on a great festival. I can't wait to see what next years has in stall!

Did you get along to any of the shows?

Hello Chippendale

/ Monday /
I love walking through Sydney and finding surprising things. There are still so many streets I haven't walked through, so many things I haven't seen. I'm glad I walked down this particular street in Chippendale. So much grey, but so much quirkiness!

NewVillager: LightHouse

/ Friday /
I've been watching more and video clips lately as I'm rediscovering how much I love them. Sit me down in front of a stream of music videos all day and I'll be happy.

I didn't know what to make of this New Villager at first but I've come to the conclusion of a definite LOVE (the video and the band). The song is really quite sweet and drifts me off to an island full of carefree dancing and pina coladas.

The costumes are amazing and the video to me just looks like a whole heap of fun. Dress-ups for grown ups I say. My favourite is the black outfit. Check-out that shimmer! (plus it looks comfy).

Be sure to check these guys out. They also create performance art, installations, books to name a few. That's my kind of artist!

Brigitte Sire

/ Tuesday /
Loving the work of photographer and artist Brigitte Sire. Just spent way to long looking her portfolio...

Letterbox Love

/ Monday /

I've gotten a couple of things in the mail lately and every time I do I love it. Sometimes even when they're silly bank things.

I got to thinking how great it is to get surprises in the mail so I thought I'd send a few out. So if you're in Australia and you'd like me to send you a random something, all you need to do is follow me in Google reader and leave a comment.

I'm going to choose 5 people and let's say this closes in a week from now?

I'm not sure what I'm going to put in there yet but, hey, what have you got to lose!

Image by PXL77

Polixeni Papapetrou

/ Sunday /
I visited The Australian Centre of Photography a couple of days ago and was happy to find I hadn't missed the Polixeni Papapetrou retrospective.

It was a great display and I'm always very surprised by how many works ACP is able to fit in the space as it feels much smaller then it actually is. The retrospective focused on much of her work that featured her daughter which spans several series, and had great explanation on the practice behind the shots.

My favourite were the Alice In Wonderland shots- playful, great colours, and I love that it's one painted flat backdrop.

The exhibition ends on the 12th March so get in quick!

Living Sisters: How Are You Doing?

/ Friday /
If you love the Rubies then you going to love this!

The new single from The Living Sisters is one of the sweetest tracks I've heard for a while, and to top it off this music video is directed by none other then Michel Gondry. I don't need to say much about him other then I'm a massive fan and that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favourite movies. Ever. Probably best not to get me started on talking about why.

This video is him down to a tee- perfectly playful, chaotic, and lot's of repetition and guess work. Love.

Teddiedrum: Miami

/ /
There's something about this Teddiedrum a song that I like. It's a little bit Artic Monkeys, a little bit Foal-like, and a little bit Miami Horror. If this is what is coming out of Belgium, more please!

Via Neon Enlightenment

Bokeh Hearts

/ Tuesday /



Tom Leuntjens

Aren't these photos wonderful? I found an image today and just had to find more.

This is done with a "bokeh", which is pretty much a DIY cardboard attachment to you camera. Find out how you can do it too with this tutorial from DIY Photography. Let me know how you go!


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