Gloria Marigo

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I'm not really a fan of butterflies but these beautiful photographs by Gloria Marigo could possibly change my mind...

2010: Things I Did This Year

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Inspired by a Frankie feature and some advice from Siimon Renyolds years go to "review your year" I looked back and surprised even myself (how could I forget #17?!).

So what did I do in 2010?

1. Fell more madly in love with my boyfriend

2. Danced and sang my heart out to George Michael- someone who I’d never thought I’d see

3. Realised what I didn’t want in a job

4. Visited Berry, Brisbane and Tamworth for the first time and loved it

5. Finally bought a digital SLR camera and took a photography course (and found out I wasn’t very good!)

6. Got really excited over the birth of not one but FOUR beautiful babies (Lily, Rose, Archie & Madeline), and found out my sister is pregnant.

7. Watched the first of, and one of my best friends get married. And cried.

8. Put way more effort into my side project Sparkapolooza and had a sigh of relief when Laura started helping out! (and got some coverage- people care!)

9. Moved into a beautiful, adult house in Newtown

10. Cooked and baked more than I ever have in my life- and impressed a few people along the way

11. Went camping/to a multi-day festival for the first time ever (even though it was kinda cheating and we hired a converted Tarago for the occasion)

12. Combined my super and signed up for health insurance. Yeah!

13. Discovered the joys of Marrickville Bowling Club. Things will never be the same again.

14. Hung out with Laura lots and egged each other on to be more creative

15. Kept my blog going- not very consistently, but it’s still alive!

16. Went to see the Olafur Eliasson @ the MCA with Ray and Justin, and had one of the most memorable days ever

17. Got naked with thousands of other people to be part of the Spencer Tunick installation at the Opera House and made it in the Daily Tele!

18. Held back tears when my boyfriend surprised me with this amazing Wheels & Dolls Baby leopard print coat.

19. Actually saved some money. Wow.

20. Saw some amazing live theatre- August: Osage County at Sydney Theatre Company was amazing & Van Park at Sydney Fringe Festival made me so happy I could burst. Both very highly recommended.

So that's me for 2010. Onwards and upwards with 2011 already shaping up to be full of surprises. What did you get up to in 2010? I'd love to know your list!

2010 image via Ernesto Lago

Christmas Protest

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ZOMG cuteness by One Point Oh. Christmas is coming!

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Running for Cover

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A rain inspired post.

How long my umbrella lasts until I lose or it fails in the face of the wind is proportionate to how much I pay for it. And not in the way you would think. The more I pay for an brollie, the shorter its lifespan. A couple of years back I decided to forgo the dodgy ten buck umbrella and invest in something more durable. Sixty-five dollars later ... it's lifespan? Two uses. On some random street, a piece of plastic, probably worth two cents, broke, making the entire thing useless. Meanwhile, a two euro umbrella I bought at (a Two Euro Store ... is there such a thing?) has survived since August. Bastards.

Umbrellas are temperamental things. A sight you'd be familiar with walking to work any rainy morning is the battered corpses of metal and polyester, formerly known as umbrellas. Discarded by its owners, it lies there looking sad and motionless. There's something quite beautiful about umbrella roadkill. Maybe it's the sight of justice.
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