My House Party

/ Sunday /

How about some handcrafted wooden houses with air plant as an addition to your home, studio or office? Yes please! Get them at My House Party etsy shop.

This would be my last guest post here for the week. See you next time!
Laura from See Hear Say


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Natalie Bookchin : I Am Not

/ Wednesday /

My first visit to the Australian Centre of Photography I'm embaressed to say was only a few weeks ago. Not for lack of trying of course- it just simply was closed every single time I rocked up.

I'm glad I finally made it though. There is the Head On portrait exhibition which is fantastic as well as an exhibition called The Mirror Effect, which includes one of the most interesting, engaging and powerful artworks I've ever seen. Really.

The video above is part of the installation. The artwork is made up of three videos projected on three walls one after another. The clips have been edited from hundred of youtube clips and to me, highlight that no matter how isolated and alone you feel, a million others have, or are, feeling the same. It also highlights how much particular issues and themes resonate with people the varying degrees- enough for them to make a public statement (you also wonder what are their motivations?).

This is an incredibly engaging work providing a new context to something seemingly very simple. It ends Saturday 5 June 2010 so please get to Paddington to see it. The ACP is right on the main street so there's no excuse!

Read more about Natalie Bookchin


/ Tuesday /
Question: who is the most famous dog in the whole blog world?

Answer: Morran is her name. Check out the story of Morran and her owner Camilla Engman (an artist and illustrator from Sweden) at Camilla's blog or check out more Morran poses on flickr.

Have a nice day!
Laura from See Hear Say

Midnight Romp

/ Monday /
If there was something that would make my life so much happier (and warmer) right now it would be this. I had a hot pink one when I was a little kid and every so often I reminisce about it, mostly when I see babies in their Bonds onesies. They make me jealous for sure.

And what a word "romper" is. I want to romp! (the other name we've given them is the "no-sex pajamas", but that isn't as fun).

Get them at Midnight Romp.

Natural Gas TVC

/ Saturday /

Howdy all, this is Laura from See Hear Say guest blogging at Jodeska.

Today I'd like to share a stop motion film made for natural gas commercial by a bunch of guys at TBWA Brussels. See the making of the video too here.

I admit it, advertising could be cool sometimes. I've worked at advertising before and had my fun times. Brilliant ideas like these always fascinate me that sometimes I wonder if I will ever go back to advertising? But maybe no, not for a while anyway.

Keep warm this coming winter for those of you who are in Australia and have a great weekend to you all!

UP Engagement and Wedding

/ Wednesday /
Swoon! I love the movie UP so much. It's so sweet and makes me appreciate my boyfriend and every second we have (you can finish spewing now!). So why wouldn't it make a great engagement/ wedding theme? This couple chose this theme because they both love the movie and they've executed it perfectly - it's not just the balloons that make it, it's all the details- my favourite is the grape juice pin.

Images via 100 Layer Cake and you can see the second part of the shoot over at Wildflowers Photography.

And just for fun, this photo has made me smile so much today!

Odelia & Dan's Pulp Furniture

/ Monday /
Odelia & Dan

Beyond This Place

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I'm watching any movie where there's a hippy named Cloud Rock. Better yet, it's a documentary. And even better then that, the score is by Sufjan Stevens.

I haven't seen this playing anywhere in Sydney yet- but hoping it pops up somewhere soon.

Elliott Burford

/ Wednesday /
You don't often give spam a second thought (except of course if it ends with "please excuse us if you are not interested" which I received once)but Elliott Burford did. Lucky for us too, because his collection of illustrations "Elliott Burford is Spam" might not have ever happened.

via Yatzer

Lost & Found Hotel

/ Tuesday /
We've had pop-up bars, pop-up shop and now we have a pop-up hotel. Where else but Melbourne?

I've been to Melbourne a fair few times and have never fallen for it like everyone else has. I've tried I swear! But maybe this time will be different.

You've got to hand it to Tourism Victoria because this is a great, well targeted concept. The Lost & Found Hotel is on Little Collins Street and the rooms feature products created by local Melbournites. It also has a dedicated concierge (which hopefully get around being such an outsider).

As they put it, it's part publication, part hotel room, part cultural therapist, part gallery and part guide.

Did I mention it's free? I've registered, now fingers crossed!

Lost & Found

Anna Lewis

/ Monday /
Beautiful installation by jewelery maker Anna Lewis. I just love it when creative people don't just do one thing but branch out. Check out her jewellery for some great 'statement' (wow, such a wanky fashion writer word) pieces.


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