Ren Hang

/ Monday /
There's something that Chinese photographers have that I love so much- I just can't quite put my finger on it. Ren Hang is another example - what are your thoughts?.

Alvin Diec

/ Saturday /

I'm loving these posters by Alvin Diec. Like I've told my clients numerous times, more isn't more. Now repeat after me....

Via Design is Mine

Field Chapel in Boedigheim

/ Wednesday /

I love the idea of stumbling across something like this in the middle of nowhere. Read all about how it was built and the idea behind it atArch Daily.


/ Monday /
Typography is the new buzz word don't cha know. That's why Wordboner is so rad (that and it's just plain rad).


/ Tuesday /
I just bought my very own SLR- a Canon EOS500 (thanks to Laura for kicking my ass to finally do it!). I have no idea how to use it yet, but I do intend to read the manual at some point- sooner rather then later hopefully!

These some of the shots from playing around with it up at Redhead Beach- which to me is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been too. Doesn't it have such a different feel to a Sydney beach? On this day the water was filled with jellyfish though! (and that's why everyone looks so pensive...)


/ Thursday /
Bangkoking (Essi) came to me not after the usual too many hours online, but because she was the first to send me a beautiful photo for the latest Sparkapolooza brief.

How could I not have a stickybeak?

I'm glad I did, because she's definitely won me over. I love the feel of these photos, it's as if you're getting an a secret squirrel tour of Bangkok. More please!

Photograph The Ordinary

/ Tuesday /
In the enthusiasm of better "late then never!", here goes my submission for the Photograph the Ordinary challenge at Mausumi. I caught myself staring at these the other day, aren't they funny?

I remember a saying/conversion/something I read along the lines of, everything has had to be designed from scratch at some point, and at this point in time they would have had to put thought and done what they did for a reason. Still makes me think...


/ /

Go Font Ur Self*is for typography nerds, lovers and stalkers alike. The premise is basically an open brief on based on just that- typography. Needless to say I'm very excited to see the results, so if you're in Sydney I'll see you at Peer Gallery next week!
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