How Do You Reinvent Valentines Day?

/ Wednesday /
I love this challenge by Studio 360- reinvent the cheesiest, money-making, shallow holiday of all (besides all all the others that is!)- Valentines Day. The Love Puppy would definitely get me into the spirit, and I love the idea of a tax on cards printed in bulk. All in all, there's a whole lotta love! Check out the full thought rationale and extra ideas at the UnderConsideration blog.

Via Swiss Miss

Mime Vintage

/ Friday /
You come across alot of sites/ blogs online where people post photos of themselves. More often and not, I find it completely self-indulgent. This time though, I can excuse Mime Vintage because all the photos are just so damn cute! So far there's 844 uploads....

Catalina Estrada

/ Monday /
If I could buy lots of house stuff and never had to worry about things matching I'd buy these super cute Catalina Estrada cushions.

YACHT : Psychic City

/ Sunday /

The quality isn't great fo this video but the sound is great. My new favourite song until my next favourite song- super sweet, quirky and catchy. I've seen Yacht live and it was a bit of a weird experience. Could definitely give him another chance after this!

Lace Fence

/ Thursday /
Who said fences had to be boring? Lace Fence proves there's more to white pickets and hedges...

Twitter "Anti-Everything" Protest

/ Thursday /
Just cause. I love it when out of the ordinary things happen, even for a second. The lights go out and flicker every so often at work, and everytime it does makes me smile on the inside. So you can imagine why I like this. Check out more photos here

Chinese New Year 2010

/ Wednesday /

Has anyone else noticed these street posters around? One caught my eye a little while ago and from that second I loved this image. It feels very Sydney- lots of asianess, awesome/sexy/cool design elements, bold and ultimately, very cool. Who does the City of Sydneys work?!

Pick up the guide if you can too about town, because the images and layout is great.

I'm spending the new year stuffing myself full of food and collecting money. Woop!

City of Sydney Chinese New Year 2010

Hang My Hangers

/ Monday /
Cute collection - some are a little hit and miss but woth checking out (especially if you want to buy me these!) Hang My Hangers


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