Trip to Bliss

/ Friday /

Frozen yoghurt is our new obsession, and Bliss is the new kid on the block! I love this portrait of Constantine. It sums him up completely. Loving the rainbow and the logo too! Turns out the owner is from where I grew up. Small world?

Wikky Wikky

/ Thursday /

Business cards you can scratch! Now all you need is a mixer and some speakers...

I Heart Kozyndan #1

/ Tuesday /

Walking around East Sydney one night we stumbled upon the tiny Outre Gallery- which now of course is one my favourite places. In the window was the above print and then and there started my love of Kozyndan. I ended up buying the it a little while later (as a poor account exec!) and then succumbed to the Bunny Blossoms.

I love them for lots of reasons, but one of which is because they don't just stick to one medium. Their work oozes sweetness and fantasy. I was very excited to meet them last time they were in Sydney and even more excited to eat a Bunnyfish cookie! (and that Kozy like my guitar shoes).

They're world is pretty much my fantasy. Travel the world and make art with my love? Yes please.

They've just relaunched their site here, so if you haven't fallen for them yet, now's the time...

Oh...I also considered this tonight...

Falling in Love....

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I Love You Magazine

/ Monday /

I want to know more about this magazine. All I know are two key words: fashion and Berlin. Oh and they have this slightly surreal/ creepy/ porn landing page.

Things should really not launch until they have something online huh? Anyway have a look at a spread from the first issue at fashion gone rouge.

Images from the launch via Big Gloss.

Recovering Lazyholic

/ Sunday /

Need a reminder? Recovering Lazyholic can help you out.

Rose Tights

/ /

Excuse the language, but these tights are FCUKING cool. That is all.

Street God in New York

/ /
Amazing concept here that I hope inspires you to rethink your surroundings.

Artwork that only appears with a flash, and invisible otherwise. So simple.

Check out wataru for more, and see all the in action here.

Start the revolution!

Step on my Trip : Beatbox Dub FX

/ Friday /

I always thought (well, at least since I first saw Mr Percival) my life would be much more fulfilled if I had my own sampler/ looper. Reggie Watts confirmed this last year at Sydney Festival, and now this has too. Yes please!

Angela Boatwright

/ /
Angela Boatwright covers music, fashion and of course the cha ching all while being very cool of course...

Phibious Sunset #1

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The Love Shop

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Etsy is awesome....The Love Shop is another reason why.

Make Her Say : Kid Cudi feat. Kanye & Common

/ Thursday /

This is a beautifully shot clip that's works perfectly with the song. It's a simple, sweet track, and to me the combination picks up on a really sweet retro feel.

I love the balloons and how they've worked with repetition throughout. The lines are gorgeous and the timing perfect (except how the clip cuts out at the end!). The styling makes me hot. I was captivated from the beginning and hell, I'll admit it, I even like the Lady Gaga sample...

Is it too early for this to possibly join the club of best clips ever?

I Love You in The Morning

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Wallpaper Pin-ups

/ Tuesday /

The very top is possibly the coolest font in the known universe (I challenge you to prove me wrong) created by Airside for Wallpapers Sex & Art issue. I spotted it on their site as a flash banner, but thanks to Design Makes Me Blush for finding the full awesomeness.

On a scale of 1-10, my love for this is about a 10! They have posters too which is now solidly at the top of my wishlist. You can buy them here, but please don't tell me if you do because I'd be very jealous. They're only available until the end of July and I'm contemplating whether I can spend $150GBP on one...yay or neigh?


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Rinzen via ComputerLove

Dany Atrache AW09/10

/ Sunday /

There's so many things I love about this collection. My personal fashion fetishes have always been patterns and textures, so course this is doing it for me in every way. Add to this the structure and the detailing....cold drink anyone?

Check out the whole collection at the very addictive site Flipzone.



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