Rosemarie Fiore

/ Wednesday /

Rosemarie Fiore is an artist is making some pretty damn cool work using mediums such as fireworks, air fresheners (to make a pine tree no less!), pinball machines and 80's video games. The above were created using a waffle maker!

Paper lace fantasia

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Raver kids

/ Tuesday /

What will they think of next?

Tessuti : Spring Summer 2010

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Tessuti's new collection is making me swoon. The stills don't do it justice, but you can get a better idea here. Would go quite nicely with my pink chandelier yes?


/ Sunday /

After jumping venues for the fourth time (there's no cover charge here), we landed at a club named Velvet. The interior is gorgeous, and the feature pieces which really make it are giant pink chandeliers. I'll just have one please.

Tiny appreciations

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I've just moved to a guesthouse on Le Thi Rieng st. It's tiny, but really all I need right now.

There's two things I find cute here now, the pretty yellow curtains with palm embroidery (and they look crazily different depending on the light), and the random basket of flowers hanging from the ceiling. I still haven't figured out why yet, but it works!


/ Thursday /

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this. Gold pants anyone?

Just flirting for now

/ Friday /
Do I really need another blog?

Probably not.

Let's just say we're flirting at the moment...maybe we'll even progress to updates, hell, even regular updates.

This could be the ONE!


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